We are working as consultants for study and immigration all over the world. Our specialization in this field results very high rate of success. Thousands of students and immigrants have got success through us. For students we provide consultancy in UK, Australia, Malaysia, Finland, Romania, Europe, Check Republic and China.

For immigration we provide consultancy for UK, Denmak, Canada and Australia.



Groomer's consultancy firm has a history of responsible business conduct. I am much honored to welcome you on groomer's consultant's website and assure you to provide my fullest support for the cause of education counseling and immigration services. Trust, gratitude and satisfaction of our students and their guardians made us to reach the pinnacle of success.

One of our most important Company assets is our Reputation, great commitment to work, honesty and fair dealing. We understand your concerns. We are here for you for counseling the most important decision, our aim is not to sell universities to you, but to find the right place for you.


Currently we are offering the following services

Student Related Services

Student Related Services

Student Visa Guidance and assistance in visa applications.

Student accommodation.

Pre-departure orientation.
Educational Services related to U.K.

Educational Services related to U.K.

We are enjoying a successful relationship with top of the line educational institutions of England & Wales. Proudly registered with BAC. (British Accreditation Council) & DFES. (Department for Education Skills).
Refusal cases

Refusal cases

We also provide our services to those students who have a refusal case or have been rejected in visa.


Success Ratio In 2014.....

United Kingdom

Number Of Our Success Cases For UK 290 Out Of 304.Success Ratio Is 95%


Number Of Our Success Cases For Australia's 92 Out Of 110.Success Ratio Is 84%


Number Of Our Success Cases For Malaysia 45 out of 45.Success Ratio Is 100%


Number Of Our Success Casses 7 out Of 15.Success Ratio Is 47%